When Muriel heads to her room to “find the receipt” for the dress that she stole, she puts on her favorite song and dreams about the life that she wants.

The song is slowed up in tempo when Muriel tries on her first wedding dress. She gets a glimpse of what her real wedding day might be like and how pretty she will look on that occasion.
When Muriel is contemplating her decision to marry David and leave her best friend Rhonda, she plays Dancing Queen on her pink tape recorder. It is the first time she has played the song since she has been living in Sydney.
Muriel visits Rhonda back in Porpoise Spit and asks her to come back to Sydney with her. Rhonda says yes and Muriel is off to start the next stage of her life. She really has become the Dancing Queen—a person who has self-confidence and can stand on her own.

Muriel and Rhonda lip sync to this song for the talent contest on Hibiscus Island. Their awesome routine wins them first place!
After the win, Rhonda and Muriel go outside to talk and, in their happiness, sing part of the song.

After their take at Waterloo, both stare up at the stars and Rhonda starts singing Fernando. Muriel joins in with her.

  I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO, I DO
What better song for an avid ABBA fan to walk down the aisle to than this song?



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