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Muriel: This is my new life. I'm a new person. I'm changing my name, to Mariel.
Rhonda: That is your name.
Muriel: Mariel—m, A, r, i, e, l.

Muriel: Rhonda changed my life.
Brice: She would.

Brice: Nice flat. Very...spacious.

Muriel: Why's dad on tv?
Joanie: The inquiry. They say he takes bribes.
Muriel: Well, does he?
Joanie: Yeah, but he had to 'cause you took all our money.

Betty: Muriel, are you alright? We didn't know what had happened to you. We thought you became a prostitute or a drug addict.

Muriel (referring to her dad): Joan says he's moved out.
Betty: No, well, yes, but only for his health. Dr. Farrell says he needs a holiday from us.

Malcolm: Mom, the federal police are here.
Betty: Oh, I have to go. We're being raided again.

Muriel: When I lived in Porpoise Spit, I'd just stay in my room for hours and listen to ABBA songs. Sometimes I'd stay in there all day. But since I've met you and moved to Sydney, I haven't listened to one ABBA song. It's because now my life's as good as an ABBA song. It's as good as 'Dancing Queen'.

Muriel: I want to get married. I've always wanted to get married. If I get married, it means I've changed, I'm a new person.
Rhonda: How?
Muriel: Because who'd want to marry me?
Rhonda: Tim Simms.
Muriel: There is no Tim Simms. I made him up. In Porpoise Spit, no one would even look at me. But when I came to Sydney and became Mariel, Brice asked me out. And that proves I'm already different than I was. And if someone wants to marry me, I'm not her anymore. I'm me.
Rhonda: Her?
Muriel: Muriel Heslop. Stupid, fat and useless. I hate her. I'm not going back to being her again. Why can't it be me? Why can't I be the one?

Muriel: I can't go back. I'm a new person.
Bill: You're a thief.

Bill: He's gonna testify that I took bribes from him.
Deidre (quickly): Commissions.
Bill: Commissions.

Deidre: What happiness has your father had in his life if he doesn't have me?

Ken: Are you from Sydney originally?
Muriel: What? No, Porpoise Spit.
Ken: And why did you leave there?
Muriel: Because of all the mental things that happened to me. I got shallow. And my physical being could have been improved, as well as my mentality.

Ken: Would you find it difficult to lie?
Muriel: I could try.



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