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Muriel: Looks like I'm next!

Janine to Muriel about the bouquet: What's the use of you having it Muriel? No one's ever going to marry you. You've never even had a boyfriend.

Tania to Muriel: Don't be selfish.

Policeman: We'd like to have a word with you about your dress.
Muriel: What's wrong with it?

Joanie: You're terrible Muriel!

Bill: Ran for state government once. Joanie stand up, show 'em your shirt. 'Bill Heslop. You can't stop progress.'
Joanie: He lost.

Muriel: I've got a job interview next week. An apprentice locksmith.
Betty: Oh, that sounds wonderful!

Bill: It's Deidre Chambers. What a coincidence.
Deidre (overlapping Bill): What a coincidence.

Deidre: Muriel, how was that wedding?
Perry: She was arrested.
Deidre: That's lovely.

Cheryl to Tania: Come on holiday with us. Cash in your ticket to Bali and have your honeymoon with us.

Nicole: We don't want you hanging around us anymore.
Muriel: I didn't steal the dress. It was a mistake.
Nicole: It's not the dress, it's you. We've told you a thousand times how to do your hair but you never listen.
Cheryl: You never wear the right clothes.
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Bill (about Perry): Did he apply for the police force?
Betty: Yes, but they wouldn't let him sit for the test because he was too tall.

Bill: Make sure she sees Deidre Chambers about that job. Give her a blank check.
Betty: A blank check? How much for?
Bill: It's a blank check. She fills in the amount when Deidre tells her what it is.

Muriel: I'm gonna be a success mum. I'm going to get married and be a success.
Betty: I know you are. Your dad just wants to be proud of you, that's all.
Muriel: I'll show him. I'll show them all.

Cheryl: You've got no dignity Muriel.

Rhonda: Rhonda Evanstall. We were in high school together. You dropped out in year 10. I dropped out in year 11.

Rhonda: Whenever I think about how revolting Porpoise Spit was, I think about Tania Degano and those idiots she used to hang out with. They made my life hell. Do you ever dream about what you would say to them if you saw them now?
Muriel: I do see them now. They've over there.
Rhonda: What are they doing here?
Muriel: Well, they're on Tania's honeymoon. Chook couldn't come.

Rhonda: Tania! What a fantastic surprise.
Tania: I don't believe it. I haven't seen you since Porpoise Spit High.
Rhonda: How are you?
Tania: Married.
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Bill: Muriel's out there and she's made something of herself.
Betty: And she was the most useless one of all, wasn't she Bill?

Bill (recalling what he said to Muriel): You really impress me. You can't type, but you really impress me.

Muriel: Do you ever think you're nothing. Sometimes I think I'm nothing. Useless.



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