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Muriel gets a job in Sydney at Video Drama. The hours for the store are:

Brice's card number for Video Drama is: 92.

Cyclone Terry is the storm that reeks havoc on Hibiscus Island.

These are some places that Muriel goes to try on wedding dresses for her “wedding”.

Deidre says that her “sister” lives in Sydney. That's how she is “conveniently” there the same time as Bill.

Graham Newman is Bill's solicitor for his inquiry.

This is the ad David's coach places in a SIngles booklet, hoping to entice a young lady to marry David. David's family will pay $10,000 to the girl he marries. David and this girl must stay married for four months and have to convince everyone that they are in love.

Muriel and Rhonda's apartment is decorated with classic Hollywood posters like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.



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