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After Muriel gets a piece of the groom's cake, she is walking around the room. As she passes this couple, the woman says as part of the background chatter, “We always knew Chook would marry Tania.”

The entranceway in the house where Chook and Tania's wedding takes place has different stained glass fish as a motif.

Sign for Muriel's hometown of Porpoise Spit

See what kind of tea bags Betty uses for her family.

Recurring phrases:
Joanie saying, “Muriel, you're terrible.”—3 times
Bill/Deidre/Muriel saying, “What a coincidence!”—6 times

The Rickshaw Room is the place where the Heslop family always goes to eat Chinese food. Bill spoke to Ian McCain in Immigration and got the owner's uncle out of China, so Bill always gets free food as a thanks.

In the scene after eating in the Rickshaw Room, Bill is walking with his colleagues through the casino. Betty can be seen playing the slots on the right side of the screen.

The club where Tania and her gang tell Muriel they don't want her hanging with them anymore is: Breakers.

The cosmetic line Deidre works for is: Radiant Cosmetics.

Muriel's fictional fiancee's name is: Tim Simms.

Muriel and Rhonda enter the talent contest on Hibiscus Island. They lip sync to “Waterloo” and call themselves FABBA ABBA. The contest is presented by Barry Crocker and guess who won? Muriel and Rhonda!

Nicole's black eye she got from Tania is on her left eye.

Muriel writes her father a postcard from her vacation on Hibiscus island, which Perry reads at the Rickshaw Room:
“Dear Dad, the girls and I are having a great time. Last night I sold a $100 worth of cosmetics to Barry Crocker. Muriel.”
Perry adds this on his own under his breath:
p.s. I'm a fatso whale.

Bill tells Deidre that Muriel is on a $3000 dollar holiday.



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