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Meet the Characters —
Deidre Chambers (Gennie Nevison)
“Beauty consultant”, not a “sales rep” for Radiant Cosmetics, very bubbly, having an affair with Muriel's father
Peter “Chook” Vernell (Nathan Kaye)
Married to Tania, but is not faithful to her (even on their wedding day!)
Mrs. Evanstall (Annie Byron)
Rhonda's mother, is there for her when she is sick and helps take care of her
Leo Higgins (Rob Steele)
Bill's friend and supporter, thinks Bill is the finest councilman Porpoise Spit ever had
Dionne (Genevieve Picot)
Chook's cousin, senior store detective who catches two of the Heslops stealing from her store
Ken Blundell (Chris Haywood)
David's swimming coach, arranges all the meetings for David to find his new “wife”