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Meet the Characters—
Rhonda Evanstall (Rachel Griffiths)
Muriel's best friend, loves to party, very strong willed, works at the local laundromat, goes through a major life change
Tania Degano (Sophie Lee)
Leader of the pack of girls that pretend to be Muriel's friend, wife to Peter “Chook” Vernell, thinks she all that and a bag of chips
Nicole (Pippa Grandison)
One of the pack of girls led by Tania, has no problem having an affair with her best friend's husband
Brice Nobes (Matt Day)
First guy who has a crush on Muriel, asks her on her first date, is a parking inspector
David Van Arckle (Daniel Lapaine)
Olympic swimming hopeful from South Africa who needs to marry an Australian to gain citizenship
Cheryl (Rosalind Hammond)
Another of the pack, has a talent for saying the most “appropriate and sensitive” things to make people feel all warm and fuzzy
Janine (Belinda Jarrett)
Fourth member of the pack, another person who is fake and unflattering