Meet the Characters—
Muriel Heslop (Toni Collette)
Early 20's, lives at home, no career, dreams of getting married and making something of herself, loves ABBA music
Betty Heslop (Jeanie Drynan)
Muriel's mom, who does everything, receives no credit and suffers from years of neglect
Perry Heslop (Daniel Wyllie)
Muriel's brother, doesn't have a job, sits around watching tv, likes to play Cricket
Penelope Heslop (Katie Saunders)
Muriel's youngest sister, likes to dance and gossip on the phone with her friends
Bill Heslop (Bill Hunter)
Muriel's Father, works as Porpoise Spit council president, opposite of the ideal father and husband
Joanie Heslop (Gabby Millgate)
Muriel's sister who thinks she's “terrible”, joins her siblings in sitting around and watching tv to pass by the time
Malcolm Heslop (Dene Kermond)
Muriel's brother...who also watches tv all the time, enjoys watching Cricket
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